2017 Weekend Getaway Trends: Has The “Staycation” Run Its Course?

New Enterprise survey shows that weekend Getaways are on the rise in 2017. Variety, family fun, relaxation will define weekends away in the coming year.

Several years ago, the term “staycation” was coined to describe the rising number of people who vacation in their own backyard – staying close to home while spending time away from their daily routines. A new survey released from Enterprise, however, reveals that the “staycation” trend may be coming to an end. According to Enterprise’s “Weekend Getaway Survey,” nearly two-thirds of individuals who plan on taking a weekend getaway in 2017 will travel more than 150 miles from home.

That’s one of several findings from the Enterprise survey, which analyzed consumers’ weekend travel plans for 2017.

“The weekend getaway is something that many of our customers really look forward to. They’re driving to see friends and family, attend sporting events, visit a new bed and breakfast, and so much more. A weekend away is a time for them to escape – to reset and recharge before jumping back into another week,” said Steve Short, vice president at Enterprise. “With this in mind, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at the 2017 outlook for weekend getaways: Where are people going, who are they going with and what are they taking with them?”

“Some of the results were surprising, but also very encouraging in the sense that so many people intend to take weekends away in 2017 – nearly 8 in 10 Americans are planning at least one weekend trip,” Short continued. “We see that as further proof that taking time away to explore what we’re passionate about and be with the ones who matter most just makes our lives richer and better. At Enterprise, we’re pleased to play a small role in helping people get to wherever their passions take them. In fact, we aim to inspire even more purpose-driven weekend getaways in the year ahead. We’ll be featuring a variety of inspirational journeys in our new digital magazine, Pursuits with Enterprise.”

When consumers were asked about the weekend trip they are most excited about taking in 2017, their responses included the following:

Here, there, everywhere

  • There is no one-size-fits-all weekend getaway destination. Twenty-four percent are planning to visit a major city, 19 percent are planning to visit the beach and 14 percent are planning to visit the mountains. Other destinations include a small town (9%), the lake (5%) and the countryside (5%).
  • Repeat destinations seem to be preferred in 2017 – only three in 10 plan to go somewhere new on their weekend getaway.

“We. Are. Fam-i-LY!”

  • Nearly two-thirds (62%) of parents taking a weekend getaway plan to take the kids with them.

Relaxing is a priority

  • When asked to choose a word that best describes their weekend getaway, “relaxing” ranked first, with 39 percent of respondents selecting that word.
  • Aligning with the relaxation theme, the top weekend getaway activities this year include: “Enjoying new restaurants, bars or pubs” (44%) and “de-stressing” (38%).

The thrill is gone?

  • When asked to choose a word that best describes their weekend getaway, only 7 percent of respondents selected “romantic.”

Road trips rule

  • The preferred mode of transportation for weekend getaways is the car (74%).
  • Asked what feature they want in a car to take on their weekend getaway, 55 percent chose “comfort,” followed by “cruise control” (43%). Only 14 percent desire “luxury” in their weekend getaway vehicle.

So long, mom and dad!

  • While the “Sandwich Generation” may be on the rise, travelers aren’t including mom and dad in their weekend getaways. Only 6 percent plan to travel with their parents.

Puppy stay home

  • Only two in 10 dog owners plan to take their pets on their weekend getaways.

Paying your way

  • Sixty-one percent of weekend getaway takers plan to spend less than $500, while 39 percent plan to spend between $500-$1,000+.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/, 24 December 2016

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