Brits Are Not Deterred From 2017 Summer Holidays

A recent member survey from Simply Holiday Deals reveals that nearly 90% of respondents intend to take a summer holiday in 2017. This is despite Brexit, terrorism threats in popular destinations and the falling pound.


Over 30% of members have allocated between £301 and £500 per person for a trip to popular destinations, including Spain, Greece, Portugal and the USA.


Surprisingly, nearly 80% of those surveyed claimed that Brexit and the falling pound have had no impact on holiday plans.



However, terrorism and violence in different parts of the world have influenced destination decisions.


Half of all members surveyed are planning a short-haul trip, while long-haul travel is only on the cards for less than 10%. With over 20% of people affected by the value of the pound, this could explain the popularity of shorter trips, closer to home.


Perennially popular Spain is where over half of respondents plan to visit, on a short-haul holiday. Greece’s beaches are another popular option, followed by the golden sands of Portugal.


‘Staycations’ are on the rise, to the family favourite seaside spots of Devon and Cornwall, as well as Yorkshire and the Lake District.


The USA comes out in front for long-haul summer holidays, with over 30% of respondents ready to jet off to explore beaches, national parks, theme parks and world-renowned cities. With cheap prices for package deals, food and shopping, it’s no surprise that 20% of people can’t wait to go to Asia.


Very few members opt to book holidays via the phone or in person, with over 80% choosing to plan and research entirely online, via search engines and holiday deal sites.


“We are very happy to see Brits determined more than ever to enjoy their traditional summer holiday, even in the face of world events like Brexit, the falling pound and the threat of terrorism in certain regions of the world. Favourites such as Spain, Portugal and Greece are always on the list. Even with the ‘Trump Effect’ that is often in the news, it appears many Brits are still planning a long-haul trip to the USA, many of which go to Florida for its beaches and New York for its culture and nightlife. Although it is not a surprise search engines are the number one resource used when planning their holiday, we were excited to see more people using deal sites like Simply Holiday Deals than visiting booking sites directly. With the falling pound we believe people are shopping around more and seeking true deals”, says Brian Jones, Managing Director of Simply Holiday Deals.

395 members took part in the survey. Of those respondents, just over 60% were in the age range of 56 or older and female.

Source:, 20 March 2017

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