Leisure Consumers: Which Age Group Will Spend More On Holidays?

Deloitte’s report “Passion for leisure” provides a snapshot of the UK leisure industry. The long-term change in consumer behaviour, whereby consumers have favoured spending on experiences such as eating out rather than on goods, has helped the sector to maintain its momentum.
In 2017, younger leisure consumers in UK are protecting their spending on going out, by cutting back their spending on in-home leisure and going to the gym.
The 18-34 year olds surveyed report a seven-percentage point year-on-year rise in expected spending on pubs and bars, and a four percentage point rise in eating out. In-home leisure fell eight-percentage point year-on-year, and expected spending on gym and playing sport fell seven percentage points.

Category spending over the next three months by age, 18-34


The patterns are very different for 35-54 year olds, which is the age group  most likely to have dependent families. This group expects to cut spending on holidays compared to 2016. This is the demographic which many families fall into, who may be feeling a squeeze on income. They also report expected falls in spending on culture and entertainment, in-home leisure, going to the gym and playing sport and other leisure activities.

Category spending over the next three months by age, 35-54


Spending expectations differ again for older consumers aged 55+. Across the board, this group appears less affected so far by the economic headwinds. This group expects to spend more on holidays, as well as in-home leisure, other leisure activities betting and gaming, and eating out. The group expects to reduce spending on culture and entertainment, coffee and pubs.

Category spending over the next three months by age, 55+


Several leisure categories, such as holidays, tend to be among the last hit when consumers reduce their spending. But uncertainty and rising inflation are likely to hit most parts of the consumer economy in the coming months. Throughout 2017, leisure companies will need to work harder to attract spend as the squeeze on disposable income continues.
Source: “Passion for leisure report”, Deloitte, Q1 2017

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