Market Size Of Adventure Tourism In India And Revenue Generated

Adventure tourism is resilient, supports local economies, attracts high value customers and encourages sustainable practices. Adventure activities can be localised in a particular place or could be extended over a region defined across a district in a particular state or across states. Similarly, the activities could vary greatly among tourists based on interests, inclinations and physical capacities. Adventure is identified in terms of two main categories – hard & soft adventure. Both activities are highly lucrative segments.

The global value of adventure tourism was pegged at USD 89 million. In 2013, it was found that there was an increase of 195% in two years, making the sector worth USD 263 million.

The Nielsen report on Adventure Tourism Market In India provides the state-wise market size of adventure tourism activities in India as presented in the following table.

State Wise Market Size of Adventure Tourism


The revenue generated from package tours out of the entire market size of INR 1,772 crores is around 73% and the revenue generated from individual bookings (inclusive of on the spot bookings by tourists) is around the remaining 27% of the total market size.


The above figures of market size do not include the revenue generated from auxiliary or supporting revenue generating activities of wildlife tourism like revenue generated from hotels, restaurants, shops etc. catering to wildlife tourists. The revenue from these facilities that are sustained solely by wildlife tourists are not included in the total revenue generated from Adventure tourism as this was not included in the Terms of Research of the study and hence was not a part of the data collection done from January – December 2015.

The revenue generated from domestic adventure tourist visits stands at around INR 1297 crores for all Indian states and UTs. The revenue generated from Foreign adventure tourist visits stands at around INR 475 crores for all Indian states and UTs. The state-wise revenue generated from domestic and foreign adventure tourist visits is presented in the table below.

 State-wise Market Size of Adventure Tourism in terms of Revenue Earned from Domestic and International Adventure Tourist Visits


Source: Adventure Tourism Study In India, Nielsen, October 2016

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