Top 20 Origin Markets For Asia Pacific Destinations

Mastercard Asia Pacific Destinations Index 2017 tracks the growth of tourism in Asia Pacific region.

China became the top source of tourists to Asia Pacific in 2012 where it contributed 9.9 percent of international overnight arrivals. Since then it has increased its share to 16.2 percent in 2016. China is followed by Korea’s 10.5 percent share at #2, Taiwan’s 7.0 percent at #3, USA’s 6.7 percent at #4 and Japan’s 5.8 percent at #5. The USA at #4 has consistently been the highest ranked non-Asia Pacific origin market since 2009. The UK is the only other non-Asia Pacific market within the top ten at #9 with a 3.8 percent share.

Top 20 Origin Markets for Asia Pacific Destinations by Overnight

International Arrivals, Expenditure and Nights

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In terms of outbound growth rates to Asia Pacific destinations between 2009 and 2016, five of the top 20 origin markets are growing by over 10 percent a year (CAGR basis), namely the three Northeast Asian economies of China (25.8 percent per year), South Korea (19.5 percent) and Hong Kong (10.7 percent), and the developing Southeast Asian economies of Malaysia (12.6 percent) and Vietnam (12.9 percent).

Share of Total Top 20 Origin Markets To Asia-Pacific Destinations

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The top 20 origin markets contributed 280.8 million tourists or 82.8 percent of all international overnight tourists to the 171 destinations of Asia Pacific (the top ten alone contributed 64.9 percent) in 2016 with 14 of them from within Asia Pacific. In addition, the top 20 also contributed US$201 billion in tourism revenues and about 1.5 billion nights to Asia Pacific in 2016.

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The MasterCard Asia Pacific Destinations Index is an offshoot of MasterCard’s annual Global Destination Cities Index. The Asia Pacific Destinations Index takes a more in-depth, focussed look at the tourism trends, ranking 171 destinations in terms of the total number of international overnight arrivals, cross-border spending and the total number of nights spent at each destination. These 171 destinations are drawn from 22 countries across Asia Pacific and represent 90 per cent of all international overnight arrivals within the region.
Source: Mastercard Asia Pacific Destinations Index 2017

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