Top 5 Experiences Australians Want From Holidays

Despite concern over staying on top of things, holidays are non-negotiable in Australians’ lives, with re-connection remaining central to the Australian holiday experience. Indulgence is more important than ever before – indulgence in products, experiences, and taking time to relax and escape everyday life.

The top 5 experiences Australians want from holidays are:


Regional Australia best fulfils Australians’ needs

Australians’ domestic holiday needs are best fulfilled through regional Australia – 1 in 4 associate regional Australian destinations with peaceful moments of quiet and reconnecting with family and friends, key experiences Australians want on holidays.
Sydney is the most visited destination in Australia for holidaying (44%) and the most popular short break destination (1-3 nights). Around 43% are intending to visit Sydney in the next 12 months. Regional NSW is the most visited regional destination in Australia (41%) and the most popular regional destination (43%) that people are seriously considering visiting in the next 12 months for a holiday or short break. Regional NSW fulfils what Australians look for from holidays: ‘Peaceful, a moment of quiet’ (20%) and ‘Reconnecting with family or friends’ (23%).

Source: Domesticate 2017, KANTAR TNS

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