World’s First Video-based Travel Safety Learning App

eTravelSafety has launched the world’s first video-based, personal Travel Safety Learning App, to help keep travellers and their loved ones safe.

Whenever and wherever anyone travels, safety should be their top priority. Unfortunately, many people do not have the training or skills to make sure that they are travelling safely. This is why eTravelSafety has created the video-based Travel Safety Learning App, designed specifically for individuals and families, who want to learn how to stay safe when they travel.

 eTravelSafety has broken down over 20 years of Travel Safety experience, and translated that experience into short, powerful video-based modules. Written in language that anyone can understand, the Travel Safety Learning App provides industry-leading content straight to a mobile device, meaning that anyone, anywhere, can travel safely.

 With modules ranging from what to do in the event of a kidnapping, all the way through to specific training videos for female and LGBTQ+ travellers, the Travel Safety Learning App offers a complete range of Travel Safety learning, accessible anywhere, at any time.

 Stuart Anderson, CEO of eTravelSafety, says, “We are on a mission to enable anyone, anywhere, to travel safely. This is a groundbreaking app that puts Travel Safety learning in the hands of the traveller for the first time. We’ve removed all of the technical jargon that most people don’t understand, or even need to know, and have made industry-leading Travel Safety learning available to everyone.”

 The Travel Safety Learning App is available to purchase on the App Store, and on the Google Play Store. For more information about eTravelSafety, and information about the Travel Safety Learning App and other future products, visit the website.
Source:, 20 March 2017

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